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At Hollywood Casting and Film, we've created a monthly service designed to help you increase the number of quality auditions you receive, securely view all of your videos online, gain access to free unlimited self-taping services, and receive one free headshot look per year!

Your first 30 days of premium membership are free.

Get More Auditions

Having your actor's profile listed on one of the big online directories can be helpful, but it's easy to get lost in the crowd, and weeks can pass before you receive auditions from these mega-casting websites. At HCandF Studios, we provide casting facilities for filmmakers, and every project that casts in our studio invites our premium members to our auditions. As a result, our members are constantly getting called to read for quality projects.

Securely (and immediately) View All of your Videos

Wish you could view your audition footage to refine your
audition technique? At HCandF, we'll send you a secure, private link to your
audition video hours after you've auditioned for a project. These videos will be
archived on our website, allowing you to keep an online library of your
performances so that you can start to your improve your audition technique, and
ultimately, refine your craft as an actor.

Unlimited Free Self-Tape
These days, casting directors are increasingly requesting that actors send in a self-taped performance to read for a role, and with the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, remote auditions are becoming a staple in the casting

world. With an HCandF premium membership, you'll never have to pay upwards of $75 just to have someone record an audition for you. Our studio provides free self-taping services for our members, anytime between Monday - Saturday (10:30 A.M. - 5 P.M.).

Keep Updating Your Headshot Looks

Having a quality headshot is a critical element in helping you land auditions. And the
more headshots and looks you have, the greater chance you'll have of getting called
in to read for a role. At HCandF studios, we provide one free headshot look per year
for our members, enabling them to constantly update their looks and add quality
headshots to their portfolio. Need to update your headshots soon?
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Autosubmit to Many Projects at Once

At HCandF studios, we've created a convenient way for you to submit to multiple projects at once. After you've created your online profile on our website, premium

members can "auto-submit" for every project that matches their age, ethnicity, and union status with the click of one button. Our auto-submit tool is a great way to save time, and make sure you're not missing out on any opportunities.

Free Trial

After serving many happy actors, and earning a 4.5 star review on Yelp!, we’re confident you'll love our service and find it incredibly useful! You’ll unlock all of the benefits listed below free for 30 days.

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Your first 30 days of premium membership are free.