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-HCandF for Young Actors-
(Ages 5-18)

At HCandF, young actors WORK all the time!

We Kick-Start Careers

Through our production partner ShoWorks, we create custom content for young actors to ensure that they have consistent opportunities to audition for quality projects. Tired of waiting to submit to the right age appropriate projects? Click below and watch our video to learn about our service:

  • *All content written exclusively for young actors
  • *Work with acclaimed writers and directors
  • *View and archive all audition videos online.
  • *All content listed on IMDB to help build resumes
  • *Edited clips of your work provided to you free of charge (for your reels).

-Submit to projects NOW by activating your free 30-day trial-- $12.95 (m) after your trial expires

Our Production Partner   

At HCandF, we specialize in casting and providing audition opportunities. That’s why we’ve partnered with a company ShoWorks Entertainment- to help us ensure that the productions we shoot every month involve talented writers and directors that specializes in in creating content for young actors. Here’s a little more info about our program:

Here’s What People are Saying About our Workshops

$12.95 (m) after your trial expires

Monthly On-Camera Workshops (Ages 12-17)

ShoWorks On Camera Multi-Cam Workshop teaches and prepares young actors to work on a professional multi-camera television set. However, the focus of this course is not primarily on acting. Instead, we offer an educational training program where students acquire the technical practical skills used to shoot popular Multi-Cam comedy shows. They learn how the sets of professional sitcoms create the magic, from script to screen.

Topics Covered:

*Improvisation & Warm-up -Tech Talk & Set Terms -Structural
*Script Breakdown & Table Read -Understanding of Multi-Cam
*Comedy writing -Character & Scene Assignments -Technical
*Camera shooting setups -Blocking & Rehearsing scenes on-camera -Performance & Skills Application

Registration Info:

To register, email us at: